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Dr Nataliya M Kushnir, MD, DTM

Dr Kushnir is a Functional Medicine provider and a specialist in complex conditions.
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Problems we treat

Pet allergy, molds and indoor toxins, asthma and lung diseases, skin rashes, gastrointestinal problems, rare diseases, immunodeficiency, leaky gut,eye allergy, red eyes, vaccine reactions
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Dr Kushnir offers online consultations for our distant patients and new patients. Please call main phone number to discuss if you are qualified to receive a video or telephone consultation.


Do not delay your treatment! Most diseases are curable if you catch the problem on time. Dr Kushnir provides superb diagnostics and treatment that will help you to get back to health and enjoyment of life.


(925) 270-5119




Allergy to pets, grassed and trees are very common. You need to get to the bottom of your allergy - get tested! We use skin test to diagnose precise allergens that are responsible for your symptoms. Test will take 30 min only - you will have answers immediately. If you know what causes symptoms - you can treat it!


Food allergy and sensitivity may need different tests to be confirmed. First, you will be scheduled for the skin allergen test. You may also want to bring foods that you think are causing problems - we will use "prick-prick" test directly from your meal to the skin. We will be able to tell you if you need to avoid certain proteins or meals.


Pulmonary Function Test (PFT) is used to diagnose many breathing and cough problems. It is easy and fast. Our trained personnel will coach you to do it correctly, even if you have never done it before. The test can show if your breathing is affected by allergy, asthma, COPD, or COVID. We can even catch unusual conditions, such as vocal cord dysfunction (VCD).


Rhinoscopy is a procedure to diagnose all types of problems inside the nose and throat. A thin flexible cord is used to see internal structures of the nasal cavity (sinuses, nasal turbinates, adenoids, and the back of the throat). The procedure is fast and easy, and replaces the need for sinus CT, or MRI. Rhinoscopy can diagnose many nasal problems.


Food challenge is another test we do - you will be asked to bring the food or product to the clinic and eat it under direct observation. As you will start from tiny crump, the test is safe. You doctor will talk to you about all available tests and discuss the safety and results.


Contact allergy is a rash or inflammation that is caused by a chemical that came into contact with your skin. Such reactions are very bothersome and can last for a long time. Each time such chemical is used - the reaction can get worse and spread all over the body. PATCH test is the way to precisely diagnose chemicals that caused the problem.


Exercise challenge is a procedure when your lung function is measured before and after a simple exercise, such as walking stairs. It can help in diagnosis of asthma, or exercise-induced dyspnea. This test is easy and fast. Our trained personnel will coach you how to time the test and measure it correctly. Get dressed for sport when you come for exercise challenge!


Vaccines can cause side effect and allergic reactions. Dr Kushnir evaluates all reactions to all vaccines. We can perform the direct testing of vaccine material, and administer vaccine with premedication regimen. We make sure you can get vaccinated safely, or give you all recommendations how to stay safe.


Dr Kushnir is one of the first doctors who diagnosed and understood Leaky Gut syndrome. She uses unique system of scores and allergy tests to predict if a patient has food-related disorder. A modified skin prick test is used to set an initial diagnosis and to follow up on treatment success.


To ensure that everyone can be safely vaccinated we opened an CA-registered vaccine center. You can schedule your visit to receive a vaccine of your preference in our walk-through site, or request a consultation for evaluation of the previous side effects, contraindications and health concerns. Vaccination is free. The consultation with an Immunologist and observation are scheduled through our clinic and incur regular charges. We accept major PPO insurance plans

Problems We Treat

Dr Kushnir if a Functional Medicine provider. Functional Medicine covers many systemic problems and diseases. Some symptoms you might have are red flags of some dysfunction of the Immune system or digestion. Here we provide complex assessment and diagnostics that may uncover the main issue affecting many organs. Our individual approach is different from conventional "symptom" treatment of a "one pill for all". We treat each person taking into account genetics and environment, which allows us to improve health and increase functioning, even for people with significant autoimmune and inflammatory conditions.

Sublingual Drops (SLIT)

Treat your allergy without medicines at home! SLIT is safe and very efficient way to significantly reduce or completely eliminate allergy. Drops are natural - no chemicals! Treatment serum replaces the need for allergy shots. It works great for children as young as 3 years old, and for adults. No systemic reactions (anaphylaxis) has been reported with that treatment, which is a huge advantage compared to traditional shots.

It takes only one three to four weeks to see a significant resolution of your allergy symptoms, compared to allergy shots when it takes up to 15 month to see the benefit.

Individual approach

Every person is unique. Even the same disease will affect differently each of us. Our individual treatment plans bring amazing results. We use the best modern testing and treatment equipment, which can provide detailed information on exact reason of your problems. Most of the tests are fast and effective - no need to wait for months for results!

Autoimmune disease treatment

Immune system is a guardian of you health and life. It is crucial to establish the cause of the health problem and immediately address it before chronic disease develops. Healthy immunity is the guardian of your body. Immune dysfunction is responsible for chronic fatigue and inflammation. Many diseases such as Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Leaky gut, Cancer develop because immune cells do not function correctly. you can live long and healthy if you learn how to maintain immune health.

Our approach is highly effective in restoring health of many people. We cannot underestimate the gratitude of our patients who received comprehensive recommendations on house remodel, buying new allergy-free house or finding the reason for their health problems.


Dr Kushnir believes that a doctor or a healer should never stop learning and teaching others. She constantly enhances her own education by reading new articles, being an editor who reviews articles of other scientists, and by participation in the CME programs certified by specialty academic institutions.




Allergist And Immunologist, Integrative Medicine Provider

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Dr Kushnir believes in continuing education and enjoys teaching. Our clinic selects outstanding candidates for training at all levels:

Medical Assistant extership

Nurse Practitioners externship.

Medical student rotations ( 2-6 weeks);

Medical resident elective (2-4 weeks);

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