Pet allergy

Why am I allergic to cats and dogs?

  Allergy is really not a disease (in traditional meaning of the ‘disease’). This is a syndrome of the abnormal reactivity of immune system to normal protein. In other words, immune system develops wrong recognition of normal airborne protein (cat hair, grass pollen, dust mite etc.) as an enemy of the body. As the function of immune system is to protect you from any intruder, it now will start the war every time that protein enters or touches your body. Modern world provides us with convenience of synthetic cheap clothes, furniture, fast household washing products, affordable food made with fillers and preservatives… these are unfortunately significant immune toxins and are capable of infuriating immune cells to the point of uncontrollable reactions. That is why most of the time the allergy to the airborne and food allergens starts in people who develop hyperactive immune system, or in young children that are exposed to environmental pollution and/or viruses.

Does vaccination cause allergy?

Some believe that childhood vaccination can cause allergy and autoimmune disease. Personally, I do not support that. But there is some connection. An immune system can get "overwhelmed". For example, having too many vaccines on the same day can be responsible for aggressive immune response. and advise my patients to start vaccinations early, choose the most important vaccines first, and spread shots over more visits, despite inconvenience of time. We see some patients now who suddenly develop allergy after COVID-19 vaccination. We suspect there is a connection, because the vaccine itself is very immunogenic. That means it is designed to cause active and aggressive immune response against viral particles. If a person is exposed to high levels of any allergen, such as dust mite or pet fur, there is a possibility of the new onset allergy.

Can my allergy be treated without medications?

We believe that allergy is really a symptom, and can be reduced effectively by natural approach:
  1. Control of the living (indoor) environment. We spend a lot of time on education about most important and cost-effective techniques of the allergen elimination
  • Pet dander control
  • Dust mite control
  • Mold and dampness elimination
  • Pollution control and healthy building materials selection
  1. Natural balancing of the immune system:
  • Herbal prescriptions
  • Acupuncture and acupressure
  • Diet modification
  • Natural supplements
  • Energy treatment


We offer immediate relief and long-term solutions. We do not recommend giving away pets as these are the best companions and friends! instead, we can help you to become not allergic! Immunotherapy is a proven solution that will help you to get rid of symptoms without medications. We provide two most effective treatments - SLIT and SCIT. SLIT is a home-based treatment, when a child or adult is treated with daily sublingual (mouth) drops. SCIT - allergy shots - is the treatment provided in the clinic only. It consists of the weekly or bi-weekly shots. If you decide for the allergy shots, you will need to remain in the office for 30 min with each shot for observation. We provide solutions for all ages. We offer consultations for pregnant and expecting parents who worry if the baby will have allergies.


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