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Our clinic provides all services and treatments to people who suffer from allergies. Allergy is a result of abnormal immune response to normal proteins that surround us. We help people from across the country to live healthy lives and restore normal immunity. We start with environment evaluation and tests that provide comprehensive guide to needed measures and interventions. We offer modern individualized approach – that provides step-by-step solution to each individual situation.

We live in the age of technological advances and enjoy convenience of fast construction, affordable furniture and abandon supply of foods. While that makes our life easier, we are now facing disproportionate rise of chemical sensitivities, toxic exposures and deadly food reactions. Our goal is to provide knowledge about possible harmful exposures, recommend necessary adjustments and interventions, and to help recover from health problems. Our staff has deep knowledge of modern chemicals, available resources and testing modalities. We offer individual consultations and home visits ranging from basic allergy services to prime packages (including new construction guidance, allergen-free remodel, mold/allergen comprehensive packages).

Our Achievements

The Best Medical Center 2015

The Best Diagnostics Award

Certified by the AMA and IAMH

Global Health Contributor

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Allergist and Immunologist, Integrative medicine

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