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What is Functional Doctor?

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Many patients ask this question. The truth is – this is not the best term to describe what we do, but there is no better name for it. Functional doctor treats the whole body – not a symptom. We are not Naturopaths – we are trained as MD, but we have also extensive experience and training in One of the Asian or Indian medicines. I am a Doctor of Tibet Medicine. Dr Low is a Doctor of Chinese Medicine.

We believe that health depends on the correct functioning of all systems, and on overall balance of life. That includes emotional, psychological and structural health. Functional medicine treatments is about a teamwork. A doctor is acting and diagnostician and advisor. A patient is acting as self-managing person, who is learning about the problem and then guiding all improvements.

As a result, we build trust and understanding between treatment team and our patients. None of the treatments will be prescribed if there is no agreement of the patient. Also, all treatments are supported by modern science and best practices recommended by professional societies. No Woo-Doo! This is personalized medicine – a true healing and success!

What can I do at home to leave healthy?

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Our staff spend a significant portion of the appointment explaining what exactly you can do at home to stay healthy. There are plenty of things you can do! Here is a short list of things to do if you want to get rid of allergy:

  • Clean dust as it is the source of the tiniest particles – allergens from pet dander, dust mites, pollens etc. We can recommend the brands of air filters, cleaning supplies and hypoallergenic products.
  • Fight the dust mite infestation. Encase the mattress and pillows, remove the carpets, steam wash the plush toys and other places where dust mites live.
  • Use nasal wash. We can explain how to use it correctly so you can reduce up to 60% of your symptoms without use of medications.
  • Use OTC antihistamines sparingly. Remember – they cause drowsiness and may affect your ability to react while driving or studying. Medicated nasal sprays could cause significant side effects if not used correctly (holes in nasal septum, nasal ulcers, nasal bleeding etc.). Decongestants will cause a ‘rebound effect’ when you will need to use them more and often, otherwise severe congestion causes more problems than the one you started with.
  • Natural remedies and treatments. These do work if you know what you are doing. While in Asian culture using natural herbs and homeopathy is a normal way of life, in American culture the alternative medicine is slowly getting recognized and accepted. We advise to use all methods only under the guidance of a Natural Doctor or certified natural medicine practitioner first. After you get a treatment plan – it is easy to use many herbal and natural treatments at home.

Is allergy treatable by functional medicine?

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Yes – there is an excellent solution! Our clinic provides simple and effective solutions for allergy treatment. Each person is different and unique, so are immune systems. We discuss personal plans of allergy treatment that take your personal beliefs and circumstances into account. We recommend that you read our testimonials to see how people with significant and long-standing problems became allergy-free. Sometimes you need just a tiny change in a life routine. In other situations, it required a house re-construction and adjustment to a new diet.

We believe and prove this to all our patient – allergy is treatable and even people with severe allergic asthma can live without dependence on medications and symptoms free.

One of the best and easy treatments for allergy is SLIT – sublingual drops. These do not contain any medication – it is a biological treatment with an excellent result. It is safe and easy to do at home. We treat environmental allergy in kids as young as 3 years old (or as soon as the child can follow directions). The most used drops are drops for cats, dogs, dust mite, and grasses. We ship SLIT that is individually prepared not only within the United States but also abroad. These drops do not need to be refrigerated. Ask our doctors about SLIT!

Our outstanding staff enjoys the stories of success and improved lives! This is our pride and joy – to see you healthy and happy, succeeding in sports and achieving the best in studies and work. Because we can help you. We know how and we love doing it.

Can vitamins cause problems?

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Many people know that vitamins are healthy and even take One-daily. But do you know what vitamins are? From our experience, we find that people misconceive the amount and usefulness of vitamins. In fact, many believe that they will have a better health if they take lots of vitamins. That is why some people take triple or even 10x the dose of the recommended daily value. Vitamins overdose can lead to severe health problems.

Vitamins are chemicals synthesized or absorbed by our body from the food we eat. These molecules function in our body as regulators of normal cell function. Each vitamin has its own role and can be distributed through the body or only in certain tissues. There are 2 main types of vitamins:

  • Essential – that means if we do not get them from the diet, we can develop significant vitamin deficiency because we cannot synthesize them. There are 13 essential vitamins — vitamins A, C, D, E, K, and the B vitamins (thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, pantothenic acid, biotin, B6, B12, and folate).
  • Non-essential – we can make these vitamins from other nutrients, so the deficiency is rare.

Why minerals are important?


Minerals are molecules that must be present in the body cells and body fluid at certain concentration, so our tissues can function properly. A mineral deficiency is a significant problem as we get them only from a diet. If you live in the area where a certain mineral is deficient, you will also lack it in the body. And the opposite – too much of certain minerals can cause many health problems.

Mineral imbalance has been recognized for centuries by the doctors. You hear about certain minerals often on the internet or from your PMD. Unfortunately, many people do not discriminate between a real deficiency (which is very rare) and the imbalance of minerals in the body. In fact, there are so many mechanisms involved in the self-control on homeostasis (balance).

An example is calcium. You know that if there is not enough calcium in your bones, you will develop osteoporosis. This information makes many people buy and consume mega-doses of calcium. The truth is, a normal diet contains plenty of calcium, as it is one of the most abundant minerals on Earth.

Indeed, we also have plenty of calcium in the blood. So, what is the problem then? There is a very fine mechanism that works to help calcium enter the bones to make them strong enough, but also flexible. Too much calcium – bones will break, too little calcium – bones will also break. The true mechanism of osteoporosis is not calcium deficiency – it is an inability of the bone to sustain the right level.

The same is true about vision problems that can be caused by mineral deficiency. Our clinic provides people with individual evaluation of vitamin and mineral problems. We have a highly trained team of nutrition specialists that will help you learn about your body. We start with education. Then we move to your personal goals and create the individual nutrition plan.

Good for you or good for me. A personalized diet plan.

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You don’t need to avoid foods if you don’t have to. You don’t need to take supplements if you have a diet that is right for you. It is not possible to track all the “Good for You” recommendations on the internet. And most of them are far from being good, and far from being good for you! If your gut works well, and your overall health is great, you do not need us. If you are reading this and thinking about your stomach pain, poor vision, fatigue and congestion, then most likely your nutrition needs some fix.

Our team has years of experience in identifying and treating the health problems originating in incorrect diet or eating habits. We believe that “you are what you eat”.

Years of research demonstrate that we all have different gut that does not want to read internet blog about health choices. It is our genetics that tells us which foods will provide our body with the best nutrition. Why? Because in order to digest food into tiny ‘building blocks’ that will be absorbed and incorporated by our organism, we need enzymes! Yes – we need to produce a digestive juice that will break down carbs, proteins, and fats.

What is involved? Each part of our digestive system produces a variety of chemicals that create this process, and if there is a deficiency of the enzyme (that is usually genetic) instead of a nutrient there might be a poison. This is the basis of food intolerances that create a myriad of health problems.

What is a connection between immunity and diet?

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Immune system is very sensitive to the wrong levels of vitamins and minerals. A person can develop multiple immune and allergy problems due to nutritional deficiency or overdose.

There are multiple specific signs that an Allergist can recognize and test for in nutritional deficiencies. Some nutritional problems also can be caused by inflammation that is not allergic. Many vitamin and mineral problems develop common symptoms:

  • Fatigue
  • Poor appetite or food craving, food intolerance
  • Smell problem and taste problem
  • Slow wound healing, fragile skin
  • Red goopy eyes, eyelashes falling out
  • Dry brittle hair, baldness
  • Back pain, joint pain
  • Dry eyes, dry mouth
  • Muscle cramps

Our clinic specializes on helping people to identify and treat nutrition and immune problems. Our team includes a Nutritionist and specialists who can test you for an allergy, food intolerance, and nutrition problem. We help you to restore your balance by:

  • Creating an individual diet plan
  • Providing information on foods that will help you fix the problem
  • Devising a long-term health plan that will prevent the problem in the future
  • Making shopping lists of healthy food
  • Developing a personalized weight control plan
  • Comprising food allergy avoidance lists (after the allergy test results are reviewed by the doctor)